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Creative learning goes beyond being interested in artistic expression through art, writing and drama. Creative learning has more to do with thinking outside the box in all areas of life. I see the emergence of STEM and STEAM as a movement to bring creative thinking processes to the areas of math, science, and engineering, as it will be essential to 21st century job performance. As an educator, who had trouble learning in the traditional school setting, I am always looking for ways to make learning interesting and meaningful. According to the group at, "In recent times, there has been a shift towards the increased acceptance of valuing creativity for all learners." I HAVE ADDED THESE RESOURCE MATERIALS TO MY RESOURCE LIBRARY TO ENCOURAGE CREATIVE LEARNING AND HOPE THEY INSPIRE YOU AS A PARENT OR EDUCATOR. I AM ALSO INCLUDING A FEW LINKS TO PREVIOUS POSTS FOR FURTHER EXPLANATION.

  • I have been having fun designing infographics lately. I designed one to define the process of creative learning. Here is the link to this post which further delves into the concept. HOW REDEFINING CREATIVITY BOOSTS EXPRESSION IN BOTH ADULTS AND CHILDREN.

  • I have also designed the infographics as posters to use in the classroom to teach making infographics to children, including the different types. I love the idea of having children design infographics as a way to create and retain or share information. IMPORTANT FACTS TO KNOW ABOUT INFOGRAPHICS FOR KIDS: VISUAL LEARNING STRATEGIES. Here is an infographic that my 1st grade grandson made as we were doing a study on worms. He loved it and little sister had to make one too! I helped a bit with the spelling. VISIT MY WEBSITE FOR MORE POSTS ABOUT THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF INFOGRAPHICS.

I think any kind of outdoor nature study leads to creative learning and have included some nature resources such as a list of indoor and outdoor activities as well as nature journaling tips for kids. 18 INDOOR AND OUTDOOR IDEAS TO CONNECT KIDS TO NATURE. and SUPER SIMPLE NATURE JOURNALING IDEAS FOR KIDS.

Since I have ten grandkids ranging from ages 16 to 8, I have started making a day of travel around the world using technology, baking, art and more. CREATIVE WAYS TO USE TECH WITH KIDS: VIST PARIS!

I hope you join me in exploring creative solutions to creative learning. When you subscribe below, you will receive exclusive access to all of these printables and more. Once you subscribe, you will receive the password to my resource library in your email welcome letter as well as a periodic newsletter with more ideas.

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