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According to USA Today, "Climate change, pesticides, disease, habitat loss," and some invasive species not native to their area, are endangering the bee populations around the world. BEES are in trouble with bee colonies collapsing and some species heading toward extinction. Why are bees important? Bees perform many different jobs.

  • According to Greenpeace, bees pollinate 70% of crops that feed people, including fruits, nuts, vegetables, and coffee. I can't live without my coffee!

  • Trees need bees and other insects for pollination, and trees, in turn, provide habitats for much of wildlife.

  • Bee pollination is essential to growing flowers as bees transfer pollen from male flowers to female flowers. Of course, flowers provide color and beauty and much, much more.

  • Bees make honey which is used for sweetening and medicinal purposes.

In other words, BEES are awesome, and we can't live without them. Teaching kids about the importance of bees will help them connect to nature, help them learn about the importance of food supply, and help them become stewards of the earth. To assist you with this concept, I have created this FREE, infographic poster just for you!

PLANT NATIVE FLOWERS: Native plants (plants that tend to grow naturally in a certain area) provide nectar, forage, shelter and building materials for the native bees in your area. Honey bees, however, are not native to the Americas, Australia and New Zealand and are more adaptable, enjoying many varieties including clover and dandelions. To find out which plants are native to your area, check out the Native Plants Finder through the National Wildlife Federation.

MAKE A BEE HOTEL: Make a simple bee hotel. Since there are some specific requirements to building a safe hotel for bees, I found a great article called Bee Houses for Native Solitary Bees in

PROVIDE A WATER SOURCE: A simple shallow dish or plant saucer with something to land on such as rocks, marbles, and pebbles. Just make sure the rocks or marbles are a little higher than the water and refill whenever you water your flowers.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BEE KEEPERS: Buying local honey helps keep the beekeepers in your area whose bees will then pollinate your local vegetables.

FINALLY, SPREAD THE WORD: I have designed a FREE downloadable infographic

poster to use with children in the classroom or at home.

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