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#1 TIP: Start planning early! Winter is a great time to start planning and researching different kinds of garden options.

#2 TIP: Rule of thumb is to start small at first. It's like when your eyes are too big for your stomach and you add too much to your plate, and you can't finish. A garden that you cannot manage may discourage you down the road.

#3 TIP: Think about what you want to grow: flowers, vegetables, herbs or a mix of all. Herbs may do better in a container garden, while vegetables may thrive in a raised garden.

#4 TIP: Where do you live and what kind of space do you have? If you live in a subdivision with all kinds of kids running around, you may want a raised bed. If you have a small space, vertical gardening on trellises might work best. If you live in an urban area, windowsill, balcony or rooftop gardening is possible. The book Urban Gardening for Dummies has tons of great tips.

Finally, if planting in the ground, according to an article in Almanac, it suggests starting with a 10x10 plot and planting 3 to 5 of your favorite vegetables, and planting 2 to 5 of each one.

LOOK for my next post where I will be discussing zones and how to pick the best plants for your zone.

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