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With time at a minimum, integrating subjects has become a must. I have found several ways to combine math, science and art along with exploring the wonderful designs of Charlie Harper in this bird study.


1. "No Two Alike" by Keith Baker

2. "Feathers for Lunch" by Lois Ehlert

3. "Kids Bird Guide" by National Geographic

4. "After the Christmas Tree" by Linda Wagner Tyler

5. "Backyard Birds of Winter" by Carol Lerner

6. "Birds" by Kevin Henkes

SCIENCE: When I think of winter, I think of taking care of the birds, and all the children love the idea too.

1. Label birds and look at the variety of different beaks and feet. Discuss different food sources in relation to the beaks.

This wonderful example is made by "A Day In First Grade".

I found this birdseed sensory bin idea on "The CHAOS and the Clutter".

MATH: I love to expose the children to many different artists and illustrators, and I especially love CHARLIE HARPER! His designs lend themselves to a study in shapes for younger children and symmetry for a little older.

1. We made this design and discussed symmetry and the fact that the female bird is not as vibrant as the male so that they can camouflage themselves on the nest.

2. We also discussed bird migration and how to help the remaining birds get through the winter by making a bird feeding station which included PATTERNING Fruit Loops on a pipe cleaner.


There is nothing better than teaching children to love nature and all its glory!


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