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Sunflowers are such a bright, sunny theme for early elementary kids. I, also, love it when a theme lends itself to several different center subjects.

Favorite book: "The Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle.

Language center idea!

1. Sight word sunflower-have kids color small white paper plate like a sunflower. You may want to cut out triangle yourself or give them a template to trace. Pass out printed circle with triangles. Connect with brad. Have kids enter their sight words of the week.

Science center ideas!

1. Sunflower life cycle-cut large (11x18) sheet of white paper in half lengthwise. Have kids fold in half and then in half again. Glue sunflower seed on first square, draw the other stages, and glue seeds falling on the last square.

Math center idea!

1. Sunflower seed sorting and patterning-cut petals around the top of three small white paper cups, color them yellow, and add brown paper circles to the bottom of cups. Use three different types of seeds (I used pumpkin, sunflower and bean). Have kids sort and pattern.

Art center idea!

1. Sunflower-I love to have objects fall off the edge of the page to add interest, much like Georgia O'Keefe. Pass out full sheet of blue paper and half sheets of brown and yellow. Kids can cut and glue brown center and petals and make stem and seeds with crayons.

I hope you enjoy these activities! Blessings from Debbie

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