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Sometimes, on these cold winter days (with indoor recess), it's nice to have a few art projects to pull out of your sleeve. I have come up with a few OUT OF THE BOX snowman art projects. I saw this boinging snowman on a Christmas card and thought in would make a great art project.

1. I gave each child a piece of white paper to cut somewhat oblong circles, dark blue for background, oil pastels, crayons and markers to complete details.

2. This collage snowman is fun and easy for the younger children. I passed out dark blue paper for the background and a half sheet of white paper for snow. I then gave each group of four a stack of small squares of decorative origami paper or you could use wrapping paper for the mittens and small squares of black paper for the hat. I put some white paint on a paper plate and made simple stamps by gluing snowflake buttons on a cork, or you could simplify and use pencil erasers for snow. They used crayons to complete the snowman. It is a great way to introduce the art concept of collage!

3. I enjoy showing how art can be interesting if you allow parts of the snowman to fall off the page. Using oil pastels on dark paper makes for a vibrant snowman.

I hope you enjoy making these COOL winter art projects with your children!

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