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Informational fiction is the blending of the elements of fiction and nonfiction, offering an exciting way to present nonfiction facts. As Irene Latham, author of Love Agnes: Post Cards From an Octopus, says, "The magic for me as a writer and reader of children's literature is that intersection where information and imagination meet." Informational fiction includes historical fiction, science themed books, and biographies. The Magic School Bus series would be a familiar example.

In Love Agnes, we learn fascinating octopus facts through a series of post cards that Agnes, the octopus, sends to her pen pals.

In Magic School Bus, the teacher, Miss Frizzle, takes her students on adventures of all kinds where they learn scientific facts along the way.

Sara Lavine, author of Flower Talk, uses a cactus to narrate, making learning fun.

Finally, informational fiction is a great way to engage both types of readers, fiction and nonfiction, especially the reluctant reader who is not fond of fiction, but has trouble with the typical nonfiction.


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