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What is not to love about cats! They are soft, furry and purry.

FACT #1: Cat's eyes come in all different shapes and colors. They can be round, oval or almond shaped such as the Siamese cat. The eye color can vary from pale blue, bright amber, hazel, green, yellow and brown. However, all kittens are born with blue eyes which change as th

e cat grows.

FACT #2: Why do cats have vertical pupils? A cat's pupil can actually change from round to almond to a vertical slit. A vertical slit allows their eyes to react faster to light, since the smaller the pupil, the less light comes in. They will be less likely to be blinded by a sudden light, such as a headlight at night.

FACT #3: A cat's peripheral vision is far wider than a human's. All the better to spot that mouse!

FACT #4: All cats have a third eyelid. This provides extra protection for their eyes.

Be on the lookout for more fun cat facts!

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