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I don't know if it is genetic, but everyone , including all of my 10 grandkids, loves cats. And because I love children's books, they grew up having me read or introduce them to all kinds of cat stories. Since cats seem to tickle our funny bone, I tended to pick out quirky and humorous ones. Here are a few of my favorites:

Lois Ehlert's painted paper, cut-out art is perfect. The story is about a cat who is unable to catch a bird for lunch, because the bell on his collar always jingles.

Splat the cat is also another favorite.

Inside Cat only sees the world from a variety of windows and thinks he knows what it is all about. Or does he?

Max the Brave is a great bedtime read-aloud for the littlest ones but humorous enough for adults to enjoy.

A fun cat versus dog tale as told from each of their different perspectives. The older kids will enjoy the sarcastic humor, and the younger ones will love it as a read-aloud.

I have to include Bad Kitty, since these books were a favorite of two of my most reluctant readers. Sometimes, it takes just the right book to keep a child's attention and inspire them to keep reading.

Finally, I have concluded with the Warrior Cat series, because the older kids just could not get enough of them. Luckily there are about 60 books in this series, including several spinoffs.

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