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Updated: Jun 21, 2022

I was initially inspired to start my own piece of art for Ukraine by the powerful images of musicians coming together to lift spirits and express solidarity. Stories abound about music filling the air as Ukrainians packed sand bags in Odessa. Or, about 94 violinists who joined Illia Bondarenka to play an Ukrainian folk song, as he shelters in his basement.

Then, I started to hear about amazing street art murals popping up all over the world. Not only do they express solidarity for the peoples of Ukraine, but they are a constant reminder to us all to keep praying and supporting those who are suffering through this terrible war, or any war for that matter. I found this very moving piece on Creatives for Ukraine which is compiling art from creatives around the world for others to download free.


  • It is a universal language

  • It is a way to understand the perspective of others

  • It can be used when verbal language reaches it limits

  • It can show solidarity

  • It can bring comfort to refugees

  • It is another way to promote peace

  • It helps put a face on how certain actions can effect others

  • It can be a VOICE for others

When I think of war, my mind automatically goes to the children. I think it is important for those who perpetuate war to look into the EYES OF CHILDREN. I think it is important for children to have a voice. This is my drawing of a Ukrainian girl in her traditional headdress. Someday, I would like to see a wall of EYES FOR PEACE representing children from around the world!

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