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Every Christmas, for 25 years, I did this wonderful nativity art project with my first grade classroom, and the parents and children, alike, always loved it. It is simple, yet captures the miracle of the moment.

INSTRUCTIONS: Begin by folding an 9x12 piece of black construction paper in half. This helps the kids know about how big to make the manger. With brown pastel or oil pastels draw the manger. With yellow, make the arch and draw the figures before coloring it in with the yellow. The figures are basically triangles with white circles (pastels lend themselves to making a simple impression of the figure) and then add the headdress. With the brown, make an x and fill in the top for the crib. Add the baby Jesus and color around the figures with the yellow. It helps to do a demonstration of the manger, arch, triangles and x on the board first. I also tell them to not rest there arm on the drawing because pastels smear easily. However, it is easy to erase any smears after. Add the angel using the same triangle method as the other figures. Finally, add a star. I used aluminum foil, but it is also nice with a glitter star (draw a star with Elmers glue, fill it in with glue, add rays, place it in a box and glitter).

Have a blessed Christmas!

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