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I remember when I was young being so excited to read the next book of my favorite series. Actually, I am pretty much the same way today. It is always something to look forward to and enjoy.

Here are three of my favorite nature book series to inspire, excite and educate young nature lovers.

KATE MESSNER now has five books in her Over and Under series. Beautifully illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal, these books introduce children to the exciting ecosystems above and the mysterious ecosystems below.

  • Over and Under the Pond

  • Over and Under the Rainforest

  • Over and Under the Canyon

  • Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

DIANNA HUTTS ASTON'S award-winning internationally acclaimed science series is another favorite. With lyrical prose and intricate illustrations by Sylvia Long children are inspired to become stewards of the earth, as they learn about rocks,

  • A Butterfly is Patient

  • A Rock is Lively

  • A Nest is Noisy

  • A Beetle is Shy

  • A Shell is Cozy (coming out in 2023)

YUVAL ZOMMER'S big book series is also a great choice. They are packed with information, unique facts, and Yuval's quirky illustrations.

  • Big Book of Beasts

  • Big Book of Birds

  • Big Book of Blue

  • Big Book of Bugs

  • Big Book of Belonging

Anyone of these series would make a wonderful birthday or HOLIDAY gift for that budding scientist or nature loving kid. I hope you enjoy!

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